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Whitewater are a Tewkesbury based Progressive Rock band created by Stuart Stephens and Paul Powell. Formed in February 2013, their first album is entitled “The Sound of a Galaxy Smashing”. Whitewater have completed working on their 2nd album which was released in Oct 2013.

Stuart and Paul met around 2010 and soon realized that they had a shared passion for rock music, old and new, not just to listen to but to perform . Shortly after meeting they decided to set up a rock covers band, playing the sort of classic and modern rock covers that you generally didn’t hear. This project was short lived lasting only around 2 years.

After the covers band finished Stuart started experimenting with ideas, samples and sounds. Having always been a fan of progressive rock from as far back as he can remember and with a liking for the more modern ambient sounds of bands such as The Orb, Orbital and The Future Sound of London to name a few, there was a transition from the standard rock that had been played to the more progressive sounds of what was to become Whitewater.

After a few samples and a few late nights the start of a song had appeared. Paul had no idea what Stuart had been working on until Stuart asked him to take a listen to a track Stuart had the beginnings of, Paul layed a drum line down for the track that would become the first song from the album The Sound of a Galaxy Smashing, and so Whitewater was formed. I’ll See You Some Day blossomed from an idea to an almost 13 minute odyssey, that held some personal observations and feelings that had occurred over the few months before the songs birth.

Next to come from these sessions was the second track Stardust, closely followed by Aura Dreamscape, Only to You and the symphonic Wrong Way Round a Left Hand Bend. The last track to be written was entitled Rainbow Bridge. Upon completion of the album Stuart and Paul decided to release the album under their own label of Whitewater Productions.
The bands music has matured since finishing The Sound of a Galaxy Smashing and have completed work on their second album which is entitled Obscured by the Sun. The new album is a 11 track trip through progressive rock.

In October 2014 the band also released their first 4 track EP entitled Slipstream.

Their second studio album Obscured by the Sun was released on the 2nd March 2015.

Whilst completing work on the final touches for the Obscured by the Sun project, Stuart also penned an instrumental album which is called Raison d’être. This album featured a guest guitarist from Whitewaters home tow. The very tallented Sam King joined with the guys and wrote and performed the lead guitar solo on Episode 5.

It was initially given away to anybody who had pre-order the Obscured album. This album was also released as a download only in early April of 2015..

The Whitewater Guys have had a very busy few months in the studio, As well as completing the Obscured project and the Raison project they have also been  busy working on their 3rd studio album, which will see a special guest joining the guys not only bringing their style of vocal but also having written the lyrics to a couple of the tracks.

The 3rd studio album is complete.

The Universal Medium project has been around 3 years in the making and is Due for release through Bad Elephant Music on the 22nd september 2017
2017 is going to be an exciting year for Whitewater, with the release of the eagerly anticipated new album

Universal Medium


22nd september 2017

All music & lyrics are written and produced by Stuart Stephens and Paul Powell.