Paul Powell


paul 2

Paul has been playing drums for about 25 years or so, playing in various hard rock/metal through to progressive rock. His style was straight forward, more based on hard playing than being overly technical, until the birth of Whitewater.

Whitewater being a progressive sound rather than the hard rock of which Paul was accustomed to. Now a more technical approach was necessary. Though some of the songs have longer instrumental sections often without drums or any other kind of percussion, there was the need for drum and procession sections that stand out and engage the listener.

Everyone is influenced by someone else to an extent and Paul grew up listening to Drummimg greats like John Bonham, Cosy Powell, Neal Peart, Bill Ward to more of today’s great players Gavin Harrison, Steve Gadd, etc etc

Paul plays drums, percussion, rhythm guitars, programming and samples.

Paul’s equipment: Pearl Drums and hardware on a Pearl Dr1 drum rack. Alesis Dm10 electronics drums, Zildjian cymbals 13in K/z Hats, 22in Z heavy power ride, K 17in China, 16in A custom crash, 17in & 18in A crashes. Ahead & Vic Firth drum sticks. Shure microphones.